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This section of Annie’s Resource Attic displays online versions of the tutorials that come with many of the Tips posts. For printable versions, continue to download tutorials as PDFs from each tip’s main page.

Annie’s Tutorials Online are hosted (for free!) on a self-publishing site called issuu. I’ve embedded each tutorial in its own page, with directions on how to open it and a link back to the main page for each tip. Each tutorial’s post also includes a link to the Online Tutorials Help page, which has more detailed illustrated instructions.

The online format is ideal to present and share with a group. The embedded thumbnail opens to a full-page view with an uncluttered background and simple navigation. A slider control beneath the page lets you jump multiple pages, giving you quick access to any topic. Having these tutorials online also supplies a way to access the information in them wherever you might be.

Finding Specific Online Tutorials

Under Categories in the sidebar, I’ve grouped the titles of online tutorials by application. I’ve added a link to each online tutorial just below its PDF’s download link on each activity main page. You also can enter keywords in the Search Tutorials box in this department. Keep in mind that this department’s Search box only searches for tutorials, unlike the general Search box in the main part of the site.

When you are finished using online tutorials, you can get back to any other part of the Attic by clicking one of the Department links in the sidebar. I sneaked the Welcome! page link in there so that you can get back to the Attic home page.

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