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Digital cameras, graphic editing applications, and multimedia applications are natural partners. These tips will help you sort out the many choices for graphics formats, resolutions, display size, and print out size to get those graphics into your projects. Be sure to download example exercises and a PDF version of this tutorial, and explore a link to an article on camera card maintenance from the activity main page.

Online Tutorial Instructions

Click the thumbnail’s cover to open the tutorial full screen. Initially, it opens as a single page with arrows below the page to go forward and back.

You can scroll pages in the thumbnail, then click to open to full screen on the page you have chosen by scrolling.

For two page open book view, click the double page icon in the lower right. Two page view also opens a set of page thumbnails below the main display that enable you to jump to any page.

Click ESC to leave full screen and return to this page.

For more detailed and illustrated instructions, consult the Online Tutorials Help page.

August 6th, 2016 at 6:31 am

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