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Did you know you can make an instant HyperStudio 5® stack from a folder of photos or other graphic images? Here’s how! A PDF version of this short tutorial can be downloaded from the activity set main page.

Online Tutorial Instructions

Click the icon on the thumbnail’s cover to open the tutorial full screen. Use the white right and left arrows to turn the pages.

In full-screen view, a slider below the tutorial page enables moving past multiple pages. Zoom in and out using plus and minus buttons.

You can turn pages in the thumbnail, then click to open to full screen on the page you have chosen.

Click ESC or tap the exit icon (lower right corner) to leave full screen and return to this page. Refresh page or click X if the tutorial title page is not displayed.

For more detailed and illustrated instructions, consult the Online Tutorials Help page.

August 9th, 2016 at 7:32 pm

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