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The documents you read in Annie’s Tutorials Online are hosted on a self-publishing site, The site offers various paid premium memberships, but I’ve signed up for their basic, free account.

I can upload the tutorials without cost and ISSUU provides the code to embed a thumbnail of the tutorial cover in my web pages. The result displays a bit roughly in each post, but the full size, open tutorial works quite well.

Below are some tips that I hope will take care of any problems you may encounter.

1. Warning About The Plug-In
The display makes use of Adobe Flash®, and there have been hacking attacks on some versions. Therefore many browsers by default set Flash inactive. In the browser’s options/preferences, you can set Flash to always be active, or you can opt to activate it each time you need it. Click the Activate Adobe Flash link and you should see the tutorial cover load.

Image©2016 ABS Warning Message About Flash
Flash Plug-In Warning

However, if your browser’s version of Flash is not the latest version, the browser will require you to update Flash before it can be activated. If activating Flash didn’t work, click Check For Updates, install the latest Flash version, then restart your browser. At that point, you should be able to activate Flash by clicking the link, or you should see the tutorial cover if you have set Flash to always be active.

2. Viewing Controls
When you open a tutorial, you’ll see a row of four control icons just below the right corner of the page. These include a good search function indicated by a magnifier, the icon for the page thumbnails (initially grayed out), the toggle for one or two page open book format, and two tiny arrows lined up diagonally that usually take you back to Annie’s Tutorials Online.

Image©2016 ABS Screen shot of tutorial viewing controls
Viewing Controls

I say “usually” because the behavior of the little diagonal arrows depends on what other controls you have used. When you first open a tutorial from its post page, clicking the diagonal arrows or the ESC key close the tutorial and you’re back in Annie’s Tutorials Online. However, if you click the magnifier, the tutorial re-opens in a separate tab, and then you can use Search. After that, the diagonal arrows toggle in and out of full screen. To get back to the post page, look at the labels on open tabs and choose Annie’s Tutorials Online.

Image©2016 ABS Screen shot of share icon.
Use Embed Or Link

3. More Options
Just to the left of the magnifier is one more icon. It looks like a rectangle with a curved arrow coming out of it, and clicking it pops up a menu with many options. First there are several sharing options, including email. The last two options are Embed and Get Link.

You can embed any of my tutorials in your own web page by using one of these last two options. Click Embed, enter information in the form, and then copy the embed code. Once you include this bit of code on your page, you will have a thumbnail that opens to the full size tutorial. Get Link copies the URL of the tutorial to the clipboard, so that you can paste it into the code for a web page, into an article, or into an email.

Image©2016 ABS Screen shot of side arrow when in two page view
Side Arrow

4. Single or Double Page Display
I set the tutorial to open in single page view, although you’ll probably want to go to two pages. You can toggle back and forth from single to double page view as soon as the tutorial opens by clicking the control icon just left of the tiny diagonal arrows. I favor the double page view because you also get those page thumbnails so that you can jump to any page, and because you can flip pages in a natural way using the small arrow to the right of the two page display.

Image©2016 ABS Various icons in thumbnail space
Where's The Cover?

5. Escape Leads To Icons, Not The Cover
Clicking the Escape (diagonal arrows) icon or simply hitting the ESC key closes the tutorial and returns to the post page. However, you will see various sharing icons in the thumbnail frame instead of the tutorial cover. If you want the tutorial cover back, simply click in the frame away from those icons and the cover should reload. You can click it to open the tutorial again, or scroll to a specific page and open it already on that page.

6. Tutorials On iPad®
I know Flash is not supported by iPad, but good news! ISSUU detects iPad, and then uses something other than Flash to display the tutorials. They are displayed as two open pages, with an arrow on the left and right to go to next or previous pages. I don’t see a search function, but you can zoom in and out. The easiest way to get back to the post page and thus to Annie’s Tutorials Online may be to jump back using the History list in Safari.

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